Video Shows Woman Using Microphone on Plane to Rant About COVID-19


Sometimes it’s best to bring ear plugs to a flight

In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, a woman can be seen standing up on a flight and using a microphone to lecture a plane full of people about the pandemic. 

Singer-songwriter Jawny posted the clip to TikTok Saturday, and it has since earned around 138,000 likes, The artist wrote that he bought in-flight wifi just to share the clip with his followers, 

“This is my microphone and you can’t take it. I tried borrowing yours, you don’t want to let me use it,” the unnamed woman announced on the flight while talking to the flight attendants. “I brought my microphone, I’m gonna use it.”

She also spouts her theories about the origins of COVID, saying “The pandemic started all because humans had lost a little bit of faith.”

After one worker tells the woman that if she doesn’t sit down, they’re “going to have to cuff you,” the woman argues that those on the flight are “enjoying this because like I said I’m not terrible to look at.”

“My dog has better sense than any of you,” the woman announces as she’s being navigated away by flight attendants after trying to lecture passengers about “reality.”

The clip ends with the woman being ushered to a different area of the plane, and during a year of fist fights on planes, this one ultimately didn’t end too badly.

Check out the clip above. 

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