Lauren Sanderson Shares New EP 'DONT PANIC!'


Fort Wayne, Indiana native Lauren Sanderson has had a brilliant year so far, but it's just got a lot better Friday with the release of her new EP, DON'T PANIC! After the release of the PnB Rock-featuring "Written in the Stars" earlier this year, Sanderson has gifted her fans with six new songs showcasing her distinct blend of alternative R&B and hip-hop.

The Epic-signed artist doesn't wait long to flaunt her talents, opening up the release with the colorful "Shut Em Up." It only gets better from there, with lead single "The Only One" coming across as an immediate highlight.

To celebrate the release of the new EP, she shared an Instagram video of a listening party with everyone in her circle.

It's clear Sanderson has what it takes as a songwriter, and whatever comes next from her will undoubtedly be even bigger than DON'T PANIC!

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