Summer Walker and the Mother of London On Da Track's Daughter Trade Shots


Summer Walker appears to have some issues with the mother London On Da Track's child. 

London's ex, Eboni Ivorii, put a series of posts on her Instagram story that were aimed at Walker. She called the singer weird and warned her to stay away from the daughter she shares with the producer. This prompted Walker to respond with some posts of her own. "Yo I will fly your broke ass out to come sit and talk to me face to face like a WOMAN. Your obsessed with me, all you do is talk ABOUT ME, come talk TO ME," Walker wrote on her Instagram story. "I been wanting to take you to dinner cause I have NO issue with you. Like I've literally done NOTHING to you." She then accused Ivorii of "clout chasing" and wanting to rekindle her relationship with London.

Ivorii's issue seems to stem from the fact Walker attended a birthday party that was thrown by London for his daughter. Walker says that Ivorii should have an issue with the producer for this miscommunication and not her because she "insisted" on meeting her before the event. Yet, this didn't smooth things out. The two continued to trade shots with Ivorii reiterating that Walker is "weird."

"I told your weird ass to stay away from my daughter," Ivorii wrote. "We have no business to discuss... Why don't yu hv your own baby and stay tf away from mine?"

She then combatted Walker's claims that she's doing this for fame or publicity. "Anyone that knows me knows that I always have keep & make money. I take care of my family. I make everything happen," she wrote in another post to her Instagram story. "I simply said to stay away from me and London's daughter until yu can find some respect. Yu clearly the obsessed 1. I'm all the way n Atlanta minding my life @summerwalker."


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