Drake Spotted Hanging Out in Front of Rihanna's Childhood Home in Barbados


While the rest of us wither inside our homes from vitamin D deficiencies, Drake decided to soak up the sun during a little trip to...Barbados. Ah yes, Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s home turf is the site of Drake’s latest exotic adventure where he’s been spotted touring the sites and playing basketball. 

According to local reports, Drake arrived on the island on Sunday, making his private jet one of the first planes to arrive as Barbados opened itself back up to commercial flights, following a pause in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Of course it’s unlikely that this man went all the way to Barbados to play some pick-up basketball. Rihanna is not currently on the island, but perhaps Drake, like many of us, has done a little soul searching during these end times. That might explain why he also decided to visit Rihanna Drive, a street named after the island's biggest star back in 2017, and the location of Ms. Fenty’s childhood home. Rihanna’s brother, Rorrey Fenty, joined the rapper’s entourage during this tour around Barbados. 

Rihanna and Drake split back in 2016, and lots has transpired since. Robyn launched multiple businesses and dated a billionaire Saudi prince. Meanwhile, Drake continues to collect No. 1 hits and had a son. Only time will tell if Drake’s trying to get Rihanna’s attention, garner publicity for his upcoming album, or simply trying to perfect his island accent.

Drake plans to release two songs with DJ Khaled this week. 

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