Lil Wayne Re-Follows Denise Bidot on Instagram Following Rumors of Split


The Fireman seems to have rekindled his relationship. 

After a week of turmoil, Lil Wayne refollowed model and ex-girlfriend, Denise Bidot, on Instagram.

Since Bidot is the only person Weezy follows on the 'gram, it seems like the two were able to put their differences to the side and reconcile their relationship. 

Politics has torn families and friends apart, and Lil Wayne isn't exempt from this. It was originally reported that Bidot left Lil Wayne for endorsing Trump prior to the elections. Yet, she quickly dispelled these rumors, claiming that Weezy actually left her because she supports Biden. 

"I did not. This is absolutely false," she said in response to news that she broke things off with Wayne. She then took to her Instagram Story where she explained that Weezy decided to end the relationship. 

"Imagine being dumped over an IG post…that expressed MY political view and encouraged people to vote… It’s definitely 2020," she wrote per Yahoo!.

After Wayne made headlines for standing next to Trump, Bidot took to Instagram where she encouraged her followers to vote with the hashtag "NoTrumpForMe." Although she quickly clarified that Wayne was her "king" and she loves him, this didn't sit well with Tunechi moving him to allegedly kick her out of their home.

But now that the dust has settled and Biden has been named the president, it seems like the pair are willing to iron out their political differences and move forward with their relationship. 

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