Meek Mill Addresses Reaction Over Viral Video of Him Giving Kids $20 Selling Water


Meek Mill caught some heat recently, when he posted a video of himself giving $20 to a group of kids selling water bottles in Atlanta. But during a recent appearance on Clubhouse, Meek defended his decision, saying that he didn't want the kids to use any of his money to buy drugs.

"I know what's going on," Meek said near the conversation's 8:45 minute mark. "I ain't giving no young bouls no money to buy no weed."

Meek went on to explain that he's not knocking their hustle, and feels like giving them advice was more valuable at the moment.

"We came up pumping gas at the gas station, carrying old ladies' bags, shoveling snow," Meek continued. "I pulled up on them young bouls to give them game. I ain't worried about no fucking money."

Since Meek was in a luxury vehicle and draped in jewelry at the time, the optics of having a bunch of kids split one $20 bill didn't sit well with some. He also urged them not to reach into his car before pulling off, which added to the backlash.

The reactions to Meek's actions might have been harsh, but the rapper believes that the exchange was blown out of proportion by social media.

"People don't have the common sense to say, 'Damn, he did stop and pull up,'" Meek said at the video's 10:20-mark. "They wasn't even mad when we gave them the $20. The internet made them mad. If you look at the video, young boul said 'Thanks. I fuck with you.' The internet made them mad."

Similar to the initial interaction, Meek's assumption that the kids would have spent the money on drugs—especially when he openly smokes marijuana—rubbed some people the wrong way. 

Despite the incident, Meek has shown a willingness to give back to the community time and time again. Leading up to Christmas, Meek gave away clothes, gaming consoles, and other items to families in Philadelphia who have been negatively impacted by the criminal justice system.

Listen to Meek Mill's full conversation on Clubhouse below. 

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