Watch This: A Bunch of Former Child Stars Agree that Kirk Cameron is an Idiot


Funny or Die is at it again, this time with a pretty epic video that brought together a bunch of child stars of yesteryear - AKA, the 80s - to discuss one very important issue plaguing the entertainment business and society as a whole: Kirk Cameron's stupidity.

If you're not aware, the former Growing Pains star is kind of a massive bigot now, which isn't cool. So, in what we assume is only part-satire, the folks at Funny or Die gathered up other actors who were child stars at the same time as Cameron - such as Step by Step's Christine Lakin, Adventures in Babysitting's Keith Coogan, and The Parent 'Hood's Kenn Michael - to form an organization called CCOKC: Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron. It really is a serious issue in today's world.

Check out the video above!

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