God's No. 1 Stan Kirk Cameron Says Hurricanes Are Sent to Teach Everyone 'Humility'


Sources say Kirk Cameron was once a fairly popular actor, but now he's just an asshole. In a way-too-close-to-his-face Facebook video posted Thursday, Cameron shared some bizarre thoughts on Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. According to Cameron, these devastating weather events are just the man in the sky's way of teaching everyone humility.

"I had a thought this morning as I leave Florida," Cameron said in the video, which I must warn you is excruciating to watch.

"Everyone's trying to leave Florida right now. Walmart is being emptied of its shelves of water and canned food because Irma is on its way." For whatever reason, Cameron didn't stop there, choosing instead to relay something a friend of his recently pointed out (presumably while listening to DC Talk).

"How should we look at two giant hurricanes coming back to back like this?" Cameron asked. "Do we write 'em off as coincidence? Do we write it off as a statistical anomaly? Wow. Who woulda thought? Is it just Mother Nature in a bad mood?" Cameron then quoted a bunch of baloney from a fantasy book, theorizing that storms are often just the Big Guy either inflicting punishment or watering his land to demonstrate love.

This resulted in Cameron giving his interpretation of hurricanes and "all weather," a field he apparently believes is in dire need of his distinct lack of expertise. "One thing we know about hurricanes and all weather is this is not Mother Nature in a bad mood," he said. "This is a spectacular display of God's immense power. And when He puts His power on display, it's never without reason. There's a purpose, and we may not always understand what that purpose is, but we know it's not random. And we know that weather is sent to cause us to respond to God in humility, awe, and repentance."

If you're in the mood for some mindless Friday brain torture, watch Cameron's full display above or here.

*types angrily in tongues*

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