Kanye Helped Kim Kardashian Realize Her Marriage to Kris Humphries Was 'Miserable'


Since season 15 of Keeping Up With Kardashians kicked off last weekend, we can expect even more press surrounding the famous family than usual. Recently, matriarch Kris Jenner hinted that she might be engaged to her longtime boo Corey Gamble, but the latest Kardashian tidbit has to do with a different Kris—Kim’s ex-husband Kris Humphries.  

If you can recall a time before the Kardashian-West empire, Kim was briefly (like 72 days) married to the NBA player in 2011. In a new interview with BigBoyTV, Kim revealed that she knew the marriage was a mistake immediately. Two weeks after she tied the knot, Kim apparently hung out with Kanye and purposefully hid her wedding ring to spare the rapper any heartbreak.

“We end up both at the SOHO house, and he sat at my table. And I had my big ring on because I was married, so I’m like talking with my ring and I talk with my hands a lot...I see him looking at my ring,” Kim explained on the radio show. “His face would just get heartbroken, so I sat on my hand for the rest of the dinner and spoke like this with one hand.”

Kim assured everyone that nothing happened between her and Kanye that night, but the encounter did help her realize that her marriage to Humphries made her "miserable." 

Elsewhere in her interview, Kim discussed her relationship with Donald Trump, who granted clemency to Alice Marie Johnson earlier this year, and addresses her Instagram feud with Tyson Beckford. The KKW Beauty mogul also briefly mentioned explaining to her oldest daughter North why their family is famous. Check out those clips below.


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