The Best Movies of 2019 (So Far)

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Looking at the landscape of films being considered the “best of the year” in June can be a frustrating task. While we’ve already received a number of this year’s top-level summer action flicks, along with strong performances in smaller indie films, Hollywood isn’t even dropping its true AWARDS SZN material yet.

Still, we’ll say that this year, more than others, has been relatively diverse in terms of what we’re loving; the prerequisite costumed superhero tales make the cut, but we’re also seeing the return of the world’s deadliest assassin, the inside scoop on the biggest scam to hit the Instagram age, and a number of Netflix-produced projects hitting our list of great films for the first half of 2019. That said, don’t be surprised if this list changes drastically by the end of 2019; cinephiles know that the real trap Hollywood shit drops as we pull the heavy coats out.

That said, here’s our look at the best movies of 2019 (so far). Grab your popcorn, or at the very least figure out where you can stream or purchase these films.

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