Kevin Durant Has Reportedly Had It With Steve Kerr's 'Prodding'


Despite his team positioning themselves for a fifth straight NBA Finals appearance, Steve Kerr and the Warriors are still embroiled in postseason drama.

On Saturday, Newsday's Steve Popper reported that a clash of personalities between Kevin Durant and Coach Kerr might cause  KD to leave Golden State this summer. Per Popper's sources, NBA executives feel like the Knicks are the heavy favorites to land KD during free agency. When asked why Golden State isn't a likely option, one exec pointed to two major issues—Steve Kerr's "prodding," and the fact Golden State will always be Steph Curry's team.

Although the insider does not detail what specifically annoys Durant, tensions have been heightened throughout the season due to KD's upcoming free agency. In Nov., Draymond Green and Kevin Durant got into a heated sideline argument that spilled into the locker room, which many believed was about Durant possibly leaving the team.

While the exact dialogue exchange couldn't be confirmed, Green allegedly reminded Durant that the Warriors were a winning franchise before KD arrived. He then reportedly accused KD of making himself the center of attention even though it was known he would be leaving this summer. Green reportedly said that Durant is keeping the free agency questions alive, which is hindering the team. Though this altercation resulted in Green getting a one-game suspension, they both claimed to have moved passed the situation. In fact, a few months after the incident, KD went on the offensive against the media, claiming that their speculations are detrimental to the locker room.

The Warriors are up 3-0 in their Western Conference Finals series against the Portland Trail Blazers. 

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