10 Ways Dressing Well Helps You in Life


There are many advantages to being a well-dressed man. You know about all the best brands. Shop dudes dap you up whenever you come into the store. You can wear a suit with ease, but still know how to pull off even the riskiest streetwear looks. Not to mention, you can walk into any room and people can tell you're the freshest person for miles.

Great style does wonders, but it also opens up doors for you that aren't just stores. Well-dressed men exhude a different vibe than their schlubby counterparts, and are perceived differently by everyone else. It gives you an edge in the real world. Here's how: Read up on these 10 Ways Dressing Well Helps You in Life.

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10. It's a step towards overall self-improvement.

Finding clothes that suit your style and fit well are a great first step towards improving your overall lifestyle. A great haircut can do wonders too. People may start treating you differently, because theyll notice something about you has changed. It might inspire you to eat better, work out more, or pursue the kind of job and life you really want.

9. It shows people you take care of yourself.

People assume a dude with style probably lives a lifestyle to match. They'll be under the impression that you're someone who is in charge of his own destiny, isn't afraid to take risks, knows what he wants out of life, and has ambitions to work towards that goal. In plain terms, it shows you respect yourself enough to not look like a schmuck.

8. It helps you make a great first impression.

The secret to being successful? Make yourself memorable. A great personality means people will like you, but combined with on-point style, it means they won't be able to forget you. The term "dress to impress" isn't just BS, people will always remember the best-dressed dude in the room.

7. It draws the right kind of attention to you.

You've probably heard the term "peacocking." It's a practice that involves dressing up in order to get noticed. Yeah, that's the complete opposite of what you're trying to achieve with good style. Ideally, a well-dressed man looks put together, without totally standing out from the crowd. Your outfit should tell people "there's something awesomely different about this guy, but I can't quite put my finger on it, and I want to go talk to him." It shouldn't tell people "shit, there's another loser in a fedora."

6. It makes you look like someone who should be respected.

Dressing like a boss means people are more likely to treat you like one. You've probably heard you should dress for the job you want, and it's true, you should. Dressing the part is just one step towards self-actualization. Besides, look at Don Draper. He's proof that suiting up like a boss gets people to treat you like one too.

5. It gives you an appreciation for the finer things.

Great style is a gateway towards good design in general. Guys like Kanye West and Pharrell expanded their interests from clothing to realms like architecture and furniture design. Believe it or not, there may come a day when you don't buy as much clothes. But that doesn't mean you won't drop dollars on an Eames lounge chair, or a quality piece of art.

4. Shopping becomes ten times easier.

As an informed consumer, it'll be easier to find what you want, because you'll know exactly where to look. One of the advantages of brushing up on your knowledge of brands and stores is that you learn who carries all the good stuff, so you won't have to waste your time scouring through the basic shops hoping to find something remotely cool. Leave that for the uninformed masses.

3. It shows potential employers your attention-to-detail.

If you're at a job interview, it's best to dress conservatively, but in a way that shows you know more than just the basics. Next level accessories like shantung raw silk ties or artful pocket squares are a nod towards your true stylish nature, even if you're in a plain navy blue suit. Details like peaked lapels and an expertly-tailored fit stand out to the big boss men, who'll know that if you can nail small details in how you dress, it probably applies to the nitty-gritty of any job assigned to you as well.

2. Ladies love a well-dressed man.

Two words: Ryan Gosling. The key here is that ladies don't exactly always want a dude in a suit all the time, but a guy who simply looks great in his clothes. So that bodes well for guys who feel more comfortable in leather motorycle jackets or varsities than blazers and sportcoats. Plenty of times, a clean white tee and badass bomber work just as well with a slick hairdo and slim jeans than wearing a full-on suit with an unbuttoned shirt. Both kinds of outfits can make you look incredibly handsome, and all the more appealing to the opposite sex.

1. It gives you self-confidence.

Kanye West may get flack for being too confident, but who's gonna tell him otherwise? While there's a balance between self-confidence and having an ego, dressing well does wonders for your self-perception. When you look at yourself in the mirror and think you look awesome, that's going to stick with you all day. Clothes really do make the man, but it's up to the man to maintain the swagger long past that morning look in the mirror.

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