DJ Khaled and Tony Robbins Agree "Lot of Pillows" Is a Key to Success


DJ Khaled has made an even bigger name for himself by sharing his helpful—and often hilarious—major keys to success on Snapchat. And during his Complex cover story with legendary motivational speaker and life strategist Tony Robbins, Khaled revealed *DJ Khaled voice* another one that we can really get on board with. 

Khaled has an extremely specific pillow strategy for when he wants to get cozy. "Tony, one of my keys to success is a lot of pillows," he says. "I feel like a lot of pillows is important to relax each piece of your body. Every time you turn; you respect your greatness. Do you have a lot of pillows?" 

How could anyone turn down a scenario this leisurely? Robbins says that while he wasn't always a fan, he's come around on pillows as a "key to success" for any home decor situation. "We have 20 kinds," Robbins says. "When we get on a plane we take the pillows. I’m with you. The key to success is having great pillows surrounding you." 

Khaled also took some time during the interview to discuss his travel essentials, beyond, of course, swaddling yourself in pillows. "I need my Dove soap. Of course I need my cocoa butter. I need my Listerine. I need the white jockey tees. They are really soft and comfortable." Only the simple things for Khaled. Give the man some pillows, the same soap you and I can afford at the store, and the enduring classic that is the white T-shirt and he's happy. 

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